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Hands by Taleoflostink

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Hands by Taleoflostink Empty Hands by Taleoflostink

Post  Taleoflostink Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:18 am

(Chapter 1)
It was the dead of night in the northern section of the Atlantic sea. The moon from the world "up top" shown brightly giving the two tall and lanky teens an easy time to creep past the FBI border. Alantra swam quickly up ahead to see if there was anyone on guard, and yes of course there were, but he was sleeping. Ever since the travel from the world up top eveyone got sleepier more easily.

Alantra signaled behind her to Boom telling him to swim quetly past the slumbering guard. The pair were able to sneek past as if they were simply a ray of moonlight. Alantra and Boom lived in a village that was very close to the closed off FBI area and the friends had been wondering what went on behind the borders, so late one night they made a decision to sneek in.

Alantra let a wide grin spread across her face, directing her excited gaze toward Boom. Boom gave a small, fake looking grin, and sheepishly nodded hid head. Alantra rolled her eyes he had never really wanted to come along and he was afraid the two of them would be caught in the act.Yeah like that would ever happen, he just needs to man up a bit

Alantra silently swam over toward Boom and whispered as she swam along side him "Hey Boom, nothing's gonna happen to us we're safe we got past the guard and it won't be any harder to get out" She swam over to the edge of the canyon where they both suspected the experiments were going on and suddenly stopped with a wide eyed expression on her face. Boom sped up to see what was so amazing.

What they saw was completely incomprehensible. the canyon stretched on for miles and miles into the distance. The landscape was baren and black "Wow" Alantra whispered and she started to swim over the canyon, she turned back to Boom who had this face on that made it look like someone was talking to him inside his head "Boom don't go to close to the bottom we never know what it actually might be." and she turned away, not realizing that was the last time she was to see her friend alive...


What Alantra had not realized was that there actually had been something talking to Boom inside his head.

Come to ussss we will have a better life here for youuuu

Boom began to move toward the bottom of the canyon with a face covered in complete delight.

Yessssss thisss life will be better for you a happier life for youuuuuuu

Boom had reached the bottom and his index finger lightly brushed the dark bottom of the canyon. Instantaneously the dark bottom floor sprouted hands old ones, young ones all reaching for Boom's body, but each hand had one thing in common they were all....dead. As Boom was being pulled down he finally heard what these dead hands were truly saying and a look of true horror crossed over Boom's face.

Come to us little one another soul to feed all of these hungry people, come to us little one...

Boom managed to let out a strangled "HELP!" before his face was sucked under. Alantra whipped her head around, but was much to far away to help, all she saw disappearing beneath the dead and rotted hands was Boom's own stiff and lifeless hand. Then all that was Boom was gone. Alantra let out a terrible bloodcurdling scream.

soooooo tell me how you like it!

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Hands by Taleoflostink Empty Re: Hands by Taleoflostink

Post  Adrienne Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:53 pm

um, interesting! i mean, its drama, right? i dont usually read drama, but it was good!

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